Cloud Storage & Remote Data Access

It’s Imperative Your Data & Work Documents Are Accessible

When you’re on the go or working from home, it’s imperative your data and work documents are accessible.

ITEC can deliver an IT service solution to your Anchorage, Alaska business for you and your employees to access data on your local server or via Cloud hosting service.

For example, an Anchorage appliance repair technicians could be given the ability to look up their daily schedule using a mobile device, on the go. They could enter in customer service orders direct, add notes regarding a service call or customer, or look up previous notes regarding a particular address and the previous work performed there. All the data is accessible, and updated on the go, to cut out extra steps and extra work for your administrative staff.

Contact ITEC of Anchorage, Alaska to learn how our IT expertise can improve the Cloud services incorporated into your operations.

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