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Business Computer Repair & System Diagnostics in AK

June 11, 2013 in Services

For businesses and commercial enterprises in the Anchorage and Southcentral Alaska area, ITEC provides on-site computer repair to coincide with our networking & information technology services.

Our computer repair goals are always to leave the customer with improved  hardware and properly configured software and  security measures that will last longer and prevent future problems. Unlike your local home computer repair shops, we’ll do more than just fix the issue at hand. ITEC aims to prevent future computer malfunctions.

We understand your business can’t be plagued by constant computer repairs.  Repairs need to be done right the first time!

And we’re strictly business! ITEC doesn’t perform home computer repair. We specialize in the more advanced needs of businesses. Whether a laptop, notebook, workstation, desktop machine or network server, business computers need to withstand extended use. Business computers also require more processing capability and provide for greater networking potential.

Your office will be in good hands because ITEC understands business needs. ITEC’s representatives have years of experience with information technology repair and support to include server setup and repair, networking, IT system engineering and purchasing.

If computer repair is not in your best interest we’ll provide options for purchasing new equipment. In this case, ITEC will recommend computer options based on your needs and with consideration for your company’s growth.

If your business is in need of computer repair please contact us to schedule a visit.

Corporate IT

September 12, 2011 in Services

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