Network Engineering & Installation

Do You Have a Technology Plan for Your Business Goals?

Now’s the time to put one into action.

ITEC of Anchorage, Alaska can manage, implement, deploy and administer an IT service solution with increased speed, reliability, security and redundancy–one that supports an overall increase in productivity.

Our Anchorage area clients consistently benefit from ITEC’s comprehensive networking and installation of IT services.

Your Networking Needs

After an initial consultation and information collection, ITEC will recommend IT networking engineering solutions to include equipment and software, and setup an ongoing maintenance plan to fit your company’s needs. While some of our clients’ networks consist of only a few peripheral devices and specialized software, others such as medical facilities are required to comply with regulations, secure and backup data with the most advanced means necessary, and utilize an immence networking infrastructure to support hundreds of peripheral devices. ITEC has supported a wide range of Alaska businesses for 20 years and has a reputation for reliable, knowledgable IT service.

Whether a business is large or small, they all have basic IT service needs that must be addressed. Equipment functionality, software updates, security, and the occasional restoration of data are all ongoing concerns for today’s businesses.

Installing your Network and IT Equipment

After a backup of existing data is complete, ITEC will bring in the new equipment, pre-configured, and begin the network installation during off hours. ITEC will take precautions to ensure the business activities and productivity are not interrupted. The network and peripheral devices will be fully tested before being put into use. Your staff will also be trained how to use the new software and equipment.

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